How to Make Friends and Get Involved in Your 55+ Community

A strong social life has been linked to a variety of mental health benefits like decreased symptoms of depression, an improved mood, better self-esteem and reduced stress. It’s even been shown to improve your physical health by keeping you engaged in an active lifestyle. 

However, forging new friendships can be a little intimidating, especially as an older adult. The good news is the more you practice connecting with people, the easier it is to make and maintain excellent friendships.

Read these six tips on how to make friends when you’re older, and find out how you can start building meaningful relationships and filling your social calendar in no time!

1. Listen Actively

One of the best ways to get to know people is by listening to them. Open-ended questions lead to much more engaging conversation and listening intently to replies makes the other person feel valued. Plus, you’ll be able to naturally follow up with more questions and comments based on what you heard, which is how you can turn a conversation into a lasting friendship.

2. Use the Community to Your Advantage

The 55+ community at Dry Canyon Village has gathering places that make ideal environments for socializing. Discuss your favorite book around the fire pit, enjoy lunch on the covered patio or set down your book and pick up a racquet for a friendly match with your neighbors on our pickleball  courts.

3. Join a Club That Interests You

If there is a club or group based on your interests and hobbies, join it! Doing something you love with others creates a special bond and gives you endless hours of conversation. Planned social activities for older adults are a great place to meet people. They give you an automatic talking point and they’re usually comfortable for all levels of introverts and extroverts.

4. Be Authentic

If you want to know how to make friends when you’re older, listen to the same advice you’ve been hearing since you were a kid. Don’t worry about trying to fit in, just be your authentic self and never be afraid to share your unique and interesting qualities with others. Your positive energy will attract others that match your friendly spirit and make it easier to engage in conversation.

5. Give Yourself Grace

Do you have trouble breaking out of your comfort zone? Try interacting more with your family and current friends. Practice casual conversation and ask their advice on how to make friends when you’re older. It can take time to relearn how to connect with people, especially if you’ve just retired and are trying to expand your social life. Make sure to  give yourself plenty of grace and patience, and if you keep up the good work, you’ll have more friends before you know it.

6. Take Your Dog for a Walk

If you’re like most older adults in America, you have a four-legged friend ready and willing for a walk whenever they hear the sound of a leash. Getting out with your dog, and asking or commenting about a person’s dog are easy ways to start a conversation, and studies have shown that dog owners who regularly walk their dog are much more likely to get to know people in their neighborhood than those who own other types of pets.

Discover Central Oregon’s Premier 55+ Community at Dry Canyon Village

Our breathtaking community is nestled near the Central Oregon Cascades, and features a community center designed for socializing and floor plans perfect for entertaining. To view our available homes, contact our team online and we’ll reach out to you shortly.

10 Exciting Activities to Do with Your Grandkids in and Around Bend, OR

senior man with granddaughter

Your children are amazing, but no one makes you smile like your grandkids! Whether you’re ready for an adventure with your youngest grandkid or trying to play it cool with a teenager, make each visit with your grandchildren better than the last with this list of 10 things to do in Bend, Oregon, that are perfect for kids and adults of all ages.

1. Riley Ranch Nature Preserve

Located within the city limits of Bend, Riley Ranch Nature Preserve contains 184 acres of canyon floor, majestic mountains, open grassy meadows, bustling wildlife and enchanting forests. The soft gravel paths make this an outdoor adventure fit for all ages, but keep in mind that dogs and bicycles are not allowed.

2. Eagle Crest Resort

If you’re looking for a quick weekend getaway with your family, book a stay at Eagle Crest Resort. This incredible destination is just 18 miles north of Bend and has something for everyone. Saddle up for a short trail ride on horseback, swim year-round in the tot’s wading pool, even hit the golf course where kids under the age of 17 play for free in the afternoons.

3. Petersen Rock Garden and Museum

This 4-acre rock garden is nestled between Bend and Redmond, and is home to some of Oregon’s most unique architecture. Kids and adults will delight in meticulously detailed miniature buildings that include castles and cottages constructed from agate, jasper, lava and petrified wood.

4. Mt. Bachelor

This premiere mountain destination is the sixth-largest  ski resort in North America and is covered with terrain that’s suitable for any skill level. Locals say the best time to ski is in the spring, when the weather is warm and the snow is soft. In the summer you can take scenic chair lifts or go on a zip line tour.

5. Sun Mountain Fun Center

Looking for fun things to do in Bend, Oregon, that are indoors? Take your grandkids to Sun Mountain Fun Center, where you can bowl, drive bumper cars, play laser tag or explore a whole new world in a state-of-the-art virtual reality attraction. There are also outdoor attractions that include miniature golf, go-karts and carnival rides.

6. The High Desert Museum

Let your grandkids get close to nature at the High Desert Museum in Bend. This hidden gem features 135 wooded acres and more than 100,000 square feet of exhibit space. You can get up close and personal with raptors, otters, porcupines and reptiles, and also interact with living history characters as far back as 1904. Don’t forget to stop at the Rimrock Café for a bite to eat.

7. Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway

If you’re looking for a reason to take your classic car out of the garage, drive the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway. This historic highway winds through 66 miles of towering mountain peaks and sweeping lakefront vistas, and connects Bend with Highway 58. Snap selfies with your grandkids by glistening Sparks Lake, marvel at the astonishing color of Devil’s Lake, or get out on the water with your sailboat on Elk Lake.

8. American Legion Community Park

The American Legion Community Park is just up the road in Redmond, OR. It has a large playground, baseball diamond, gorgeous walking paths and rock-climbing wall made just for kids. You’ll also find a beautiful tribute to our nation’s veterans located near the entrance of the park. You can also enjoy concerts, food trucks and festivals in the summer.

9. The Old Mill District

One of the best things to do in Bend, Oregon, with a teen is head to the charming shops, boutiques and restaurants in the Old Mill District. Discover the latest fashion trends, buy a new pair of hiking boots or even try a yoga class together. When you’re not with the younger members of your family, head back to the Old Mill District for a wine tasting in one of two wine-tasting rooms with expansive patios.

10. Lake Billy Chinook

Scenic Lake Billy Chinook was formed by a dam that holds the waters of three rivers, and is a great destination in Central Oregon for swimming, fishing, water-skiing and hiking. It’s surrounded by towering basalt cliffs that have been formed over millions of years. The Wetland Nature Loop trail is perfect for kids, because it’s only .25 miles and is brimming with wildlife.

Your Next Adventure Starts at Dry Canyon Village

Dry Canyon Village in Redmond, OR, is a premier 55+ community just 12 miles outside of Bend that’s the perfect place to call home. Spend the day with your grandkids by exploring the surrounding community or have a relaxing day at our private park. When you live at Dry Canyon, there’s never a dull moment. To learn more about our gated, age-restricted community, contact our team online and we’ll reach out to you shortly.

Why Seniors Are Wanting to Move into New Construction Homes

The Birch lot 41 kitchen

New construction or pre-owned? This is a question many older adults ask when they plan their retirement. While many pre-owned homes are in vibrant neighborhoods, filled with memories and come with a low price point, they may not offer as much value as you think. 

If you’re ready to head into retirement by hitting the refresh button on your current home, here are 5 surprising reasons a new construction home offers the lifestyle you’ve been searching for. 

New Construction Homes Are Built in Prime Locations

Traffic is a big problem when you’re a city dweller or live in a busy suburban neighborhood. Most newly built homes are nestled in convenient locations where you can’t hear the constant hum of the highway or have to deal with extra traffic from surrounding streets.

The inside of a newly built home is a lot quieter, too. You can say goodbye to creaky stairs, rattling ducts and squeaky door hinges. Everything will be brand-new and in perfect working order, so you can enjoy quiet afternoons reading your favorite novel or find more peace during your morning meditation. 

Add Your Personal Touch to Almost All the Details

Pre-owned homes often feel dark, dated and boxy. When you tour old rooms filled with small remodeling projects, the dollars can really add up. Newly built houses offer a blank canvas and the opportunity to put your personal touch on nearly every detail of your home. For instance, you can upgrade your kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances, or make your master bathroom feel like a spa with heated floors.

New construction homes often feature modern and elegant architecture, like custom masonry and tall ceilings, quartz countertops, and great rooms. You can also find unique upgrades that suit your lifestyle like electric car plugs, fenced RV parking areas, and large covered back patios with gas grill hookups. 

Newly Built Homes for Older Adults Are Designed to Grow with  You

Many homes in a 55+ community are one level, which makes it easier to travel between rooms. They’re also filled with interior features designed with aging in mind, such as:

  • ADA grab bars
  • Easy-to-open door handles
  • Extra lighting fixtures
  • Large pantries 
  • Touch kitchen faucets
  • Walk-in showers

These senior-friendly features allow you to age in a safe environment, and saves you from paying thousands of dollars on future renovations. 

Take a Breath of Fresh Air in a New Construction Home

High-quality new homes are airtight and watertight with the latest HVAC systems, which makes it difficult for air pollutants like dust, pollen, pet dander and mold to bother your allergies.

No matter how hard you look, it’s impossible to eliminate all the holes in an old home’s ductwork. This leads to costly energy bills and an uneven climate in your home. New ductwork is hole-free, which means your house is always a comfortable temperature and your HVAC system works efficiently.

New HVAC, electric, plumbing, and appliances mean you’ll spend less time and money on repairs and replacements. In a well-maintained home, many HVAC systems can last more than 20 years, before needing to be replaced.

Join Our 55+ Community and Make Dry Canyon Village Part of Your Story

Whether you’re searching for breathtaking mountain views, brisk nights by the fire, or a home filled with modern luxuries, Dry Canyon Village in Redmond, Oregon, has a new construction home built for your lifestyle.

 To find your dream home and learn more about our gated, age-restricted community, contact our team online and we’ll be in touch shortly. 

8 Tips for Seniors Selling Their Homes

young senior couple moving boxes

Are you tired of your home’s outdated features or looking for a community with luxurious amenities that match your lifestyle? Then it’s time to sell your home and move to a 55+ community that’s designed with you in mind. 

However, selling a house is an arduous task at any age, especially when you’re heading into retirement. Read these 8 tips for seniors selling their homes, so you can accelerate the process and move into your new community relaxed and ready for the good times ahead.

Find Expert Financial Advice to Keep Your Finances in Top Shape

  • Expert financial advice is invaluable for seniors selling their homes. A profit on your home could affect your pension, Social Security, retirement planning and more.
  • A financial advisor or experienced accountant can help you get the most out of your equity by meticulously examining the details of your finances and creating a tailored plan that helps you sell your home quickly. 

Find a Real Estate Agent Who Has Experience with Seniors Selling Their Homes

  • Even though you can avoid paying commissions by selling a house without a real estate agent, houses sold only by owners fetch much lower prices and sit on the market longer than those sold by skilled real estate agents. 
  • You can speed up selling your home by finding an agent who specializes in working with older adults and their homes. They know the challenges seniors selling their homes face, and will customize a plan that suits your timeline. 

Get a Pre-Sale Home Inspection and Stay a Step Ahead of the Buyer

  • A pre-sale home inspection may seem like an unnecessary expense when you want to sell your home quickly, but it’s actually a smart investment. A detailed inspection can identify any major problems buyers will notice when they do their own inspection.
  • Plus, a pre-sale inspection can help you set a realistic listing price, give you time to make repairs and prevent any stumbling blocks for future negotiations. 

Make Repairs and Upgrades, But Don’t Go Overboard 

  • Repairs and upgrades can take quite a bit of time, money and effort. So make sure any big changes to your home are worth the investment. Your real estate agent and a pre-sale home inspection can help you choose which upgrades and repairs will give you the highest return.
  • It might be easier to update the look of your home with stylish cabinet doors or a few new lighting fixtures. You can quickly replace an old ceiling fan or upgrade your exterior security lights in one weekend. 

Choose a Neutral Color Palette for a Wider Audience 

  • You can appeal to multiple audiences by using a neutral palette throughout your home. It allows the gaze to roam freely and make the space feel more expansive. You might love your vibrant accent walls, but neutral palettes let buyers see your home as a blank canvas awaiting their personal touch.
  • Be sure to take down any wallpaper or wallpaper borders, too. That’s because wallpaper trends pass quickly, and potential buyers see a time-consuming chore they’ll have to do themselves. 

Remove Clutter and Clean Out Closets 

  • Help your home sell quickly by removing clutter and personal items. Buyers want to envision themselves in your house, and they can’t do that with items like family photos, souvenirs from vacation, knick-knacks, or your well-loved recliner.
  • Don’t forget to clean and organize hall closets, bathroom counters, kitchen drawers, the pantry, and the garage. Sorting through the items in your home will also help you get a head start on packing for your upcoming move.  

Hire a Professional Home Stager to Help with Awkward Spaces

  • Buyers decide whether they like a house after the first few minutes of entering. Professional home staging can help seniors selling their homes create clean, attractive living spaces that maximize the potential of every room. 
  • You won’t have to worry about what looks attractive to buyers, how to stage an awkward space, or moving heavy furniture around your house. 

Get More Online Views with a Professional Photographer

  • Most people look at the online photos of your home before viewing it in person, and most real estate experts agree surfing the web is the first step in the buying process. 
  • A professional photographer can take several high-quality, attention-grabbing photos that showcase the selling points of your home and draw more views online, which means your home will sell faster than one that only has one or two low-quality photos. 

Picture Yourself at Dry Canyon Village, a Brand-New  55+ Community 

Dry Canyon Village is a gated, age-restricted community nestled in the town of Redmond, Oregon. Our community has stunning 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom one-level homes you can customize to your lifestyle with unique features like touch kitchen faucets, gas fire pits and in-garage electric car plugs. 

Contact us online to discover how you can elevate your life at Dry Canyon Village, and a member of our team will reach out to you shortly. 

What is a 55+ Community?

senior couple in house

Answers to Your Top Questions About Moving into a Planned Community 

Your current house has served you well, but now it’s time to turn the page and start with a new home that’s easier to take care of. You’ve heard 55+ communities are the newest way to head into retirement, but aren’t sure if one is right for you. 

That’s why we’re here to answer your top questions about these modern communities for active adults and help you find the picture-perfect home for your next chapter.

What Is a 55+ Community? 

A 55+ community, also known as a planned or active adult community, are age-restricted communities that feature low- or maintenance-free lifestyles, thoughtful floor plans and ultra-easy living. Homes in a 55+ community are usually on the smaller side, but still offer updated appliances and modern interior design. 

They’re the ideal place to begin your road to retirement, because you no longer have to focus on the constant upkeep of a large home. This means you have much more time to focus on your hobbies or take an extra vacation. 

Do I Have to Be 55 or Older to Live in a 55+ Community?

Usually, you need to be at least 55 years of age to move into a 55+ community. However, if you meet the minimum age requirement of an active adult community, but your spouse doesn’t, you still might qualify for a residence. 

The only way to know for sure is to contact  the community you’re interested in and ask about the age restrictions before scheduling a tour.

Can My Friends and Family Visit Me in a 55+ Community?

Not only can your friends and family visit, most planned communities encourage it, and often offer kid-friendly activities, inclusive amenities and events for all ages. Check your community’s schedule of events for scheduled activities you can enjoy with your family.

The length of time your visitors may stay depends on which community you live in. So when you’re searching for a planned community, make sure you ask about the rules for visitors.

Are Communities for Adults over 55 Expensive?

The cost of homes in a 55+ community usually hover around normal market value. However, more amenities usually mean higher home prices. This means you need to find a planned community that offers a great location, spacious floor plans and amenities that suit your lifestyle.

If you’re always on the go, search for communities with smaller homes and convenient amenities, but if you like to spend most of your time at home, you might want a spacious floor plan without the added extras.

Is a Planned Community Right for Me? 

If you’re 55 years of age or older, love to make new friends and can’t wait to get started on rocking your retirement, then a planned community is right for you! Not only can you enjoy the freedom of a low-maintenance lifestyle, you can move into a home that’s filled with updated appliances and luxurious floor plans fit for a simple transition into retirement.

Combined with exceptional amenities like private parks, saline pools and yoga studios, you’ll wonder why you didn’t choose to move into a 55+ community sooner.

Are 55+ Communities Truly Low-Maintenance?

Yes! With low-maintenance living, your community takes care of chores like shoveling snow, landscaping, lawn care, changing hard-to-reach light bulbs, roof repairs or anything else in between. This means you can finally welcome your weekends with open arms, and leave the dirty work to someone else.

Another benefit of living in a 55+ community is that there are support services available when you need them. These services can include housekeeping, meal prep, pet care, or having someone run simple errands. Be sure to check with your community about additional costs you may be charged when using these services. 

Downsize Your Home and Elevate Your Lifestyle Today at Dry Canyon Village

Dry Canyon Village is more than just a 55+ community, it’s a lifestyle! Contact us today to find out how you can reserve a new home with KitchenAid appliances, heated floors in your master bath, touch kitchen faucets, electric car plugs and more. 

Reasons You Should Retire to Redmond, OR

young seniors hiking

7 Spectacular Reasons Redmond Is the Best Place to Retire in Oregon

There’s nothing as peaceful as the picturesque views, friendly faces and fresh mountain air in Oregon. This couldn’t be more true for Redmond, Oregon. Here, you’ll find a strong sense of community, small-town living and a more meaningful lifestyle for older adults.

So if you’re ready to swap the hustle and bustle of the city for something a little more simple, check out these seven  reasons Redmond is the best place to retire in Oregon. Then get ready to rock your retirement with mountain views and unforgettable memories.  

1. Small-town living with big-city style

There’s nothing like living in a charming town with big-city perks, and that’s exactly what you get when you retire in Redmond, Oregon.

Spend the day taking a leisurely hike in Oregon’s famous Smith Rock State Park, level up  your selfie game with the grandkids at Petersen Rock Garden, or grab your pals for a day of antiquing at the Redmond Antique Mall.

2. Find fresh food at the farmers market

A big reason Redmond is the best place to retire in Oregon is because it’s perfect for healthy living. Not only do you have quick access to trails and walking paths, you can easily find a farmers market to keep your fridge stocked with healthy ingredients.

Try the Redmond Farmers  Market at 7th and Evergreen, which is conveniently open every Tuesday from June to early September, or try Schoolhouse Produce, an indoor farmers market that’s open six days a week. 

3. Keep your swing steady with year-round golf

When you retire in Redmond, Oregon, you can take your swing on the golf course year-round. This small town features several golf courses for all skill levels and each course is made even better by exceptional mountain views.

You can test your skills at one of the two championship golf courses at Eagle Crest Golf Resort or take your game to Juniper Golf Course, a public course designed by renowned landscape architect John Harbottle III.

4. Dine on something delicious or dish with your friends over tea

There’s nothing like enjoying a delicious dinner and a night out on the town in Redmond. Dine on perfectly cooked steak and fresh, seasonal seafood at Brickhouse, where you can also indulge in their award-winning wine list, or keep it light at One Street Down Cafe with their all-day breakfast menu.

For an extra cozy dining experience, try AK’s Tea Room in nearby Prineville. You’ll find delicious seasonal scones, daily soups and fine British teas to sip on as you enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.

5. Soak up the sun 24/7

Rainy days are few in Redmond, Oregon. In fact, this cozy little town averages only 10 inches  of rain per year.  That means you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee on your porch with an abundance of sunshine almost every day. 

The Redmond Senior Center takes advantage of this gorgeous year-round weather with fun and unique activities like cooking classes with your grandkids, health and wellness fairs, line dancing and a pickleball club.

6. Your friends and family will love to visit

Redmond is family-friendly and filled with unique activities for all ages. You can take your kids to one of the several local breweries to try the latest drafts, or delight your grandchildren with an adventurous visit to Redmond Caves. 

Your friends and family can schedule a flight into Redmond Municipal Airport for an easy weekend visit. Even better, you can conveniently schedule a flight for your next vacation or big out-of-state event   without making a lengthy trip to a distant  airport.

7. Retiring in Oregon is easy on your wallet

One of the best reasons to retire in Oregon is because it’s tax-friendly for seniors. Not only does Oregon ditch the sales tax, it also doesn’t require taxes on your Social Security benefits.

That means you can take more control over your finances after retirement, and splash a little extra cash on things like your hobbies, extra vacations and fun shopping trips with your friends. 

Are You Looking for the Best Place to Retire in Oregon

Then search no further than Dry Canyon Village in Redmond, a 55+ community designed with you in mind. We have spacious single-family homes and luxury amenities that can’t be matched. 

Our gated, age-restricted community is located just 12 miles north of Bend, Oregon. Contact us today to schedule a tour or ask which floor plans are right for your retirement. We can’t wait for you to see your new home at Dry Canyon Village!